Professional carpet cleaning in lismore


Save money when you call a professional carpet cleaning specialist in New South Wales. Andrew Hayward Commercial Cleaner is proud to be NSW’s choice for professional carpet cleaning. We combine years of experience with the latest in tools and solutions to turn back time on your carpets. When you call us for carpet cleaning in your home or business, we give you more than just a deep clean. Here are a few reasons why we believe it’s high time to freshen-up your flooring.
Beautiful carpet in home — Andrew Hayward Commercial Cleaner in Lismore, NSW

Reduce allergies

It’s one thing to vacuum carpeting, but has it been sanitised lately? There are many health advantages to professional carpet cleaning, and among these are better air quality. We go deep to remove layers of dust, shed cells, dirt, and other environmental particles that can’t be seen by the naked eye. This leads to better air quality in your home or business. A must for pet owners!
Family on carpet — Andrew Hayward Commercial Cleaner in Lismore, NSW

Remove lingering odours

If you have carpeting, you probably already have an answer to the question, “What’s that smell?” Smoke, food odours and more, cling to fibres, making your space smell less than fresh. A vacuum doesn’t touch many deeper-set odours, making professional intervention the easiest and most effective way to breathe new life into your living room or office.
Carpet — Andrew Hayward Commercial Cleaner in Lismore, NSW

Make carpeting last longer

With more than a decade of combined experience, we know the positive long-term effects of scheduling periodic professional carpet cleanings. Those who do so regularly reduce the need to replace their carpeting. When you do the math, getting seasonal carpet cleanings requires just a fraction of the cost that new carpet installation does.
Removing stains on a carpet — Andrew Hayward Commercial Cleaner in Lismore, NSW

Shampooing your carpets

It’s unreasonable to expect that you would be able to handle every stain yourself. With large or stubborn stains, some clients will try to cover the stain with furniture or area rugs, or pay a high price for new carpeting. We always advise to call us first! That way, we can shampoo the stain for you in hopes for it to never be seen again!
Deep cleaning on carpet — Andrew Hayward Commercial Cleaner in Lismore, NSW

Prevent damage in high-traffic areas

We’re all familiar with the paths that get worn into carpeted areas over time. Yet a lot of what we think is wear and tear is just dirty build-up from shoes and feet that regularly traverse the common area and tamp the pile down. When you get a signature deep clean from us, you prevent this build-up from progressing to the point of no return.
Carpet on workstation — Andrew Hayward Commercial Cleaner in Lismore, NSW

Let your home or business really shine

A dirty carpet subtracts from all of the finer qualities of your home or business. You can keep counters clean and walls freshly painted, but filthy carpeting will always steal the spotlight. Keeping your carpet looking as good as new is a cost-effective way to make your entire space look well cared for and up-to-date.